Medicolegal Experience




I have reviewed legal cases for approximately 25 years. After the first few years, I have averaged 15-30 cases per year. Approximately 75% of my reviews have been on behalf of the plaintiff and 25% on behalf of the defendant. Most cases involved medical malpractice but a significant minority were reviews for proximate cause alone. I have also done an occasional independent medical exam. Almost all of my attorney referrals have come through word-of-mouth, as far as I know. I have rarely been contacted by nurse reviewers who work for attorneys, but I have not solicited cases through them and I have never advertised my consulting services. I have declined participation in commercial expert-locating services.

I have given depositions in many cases, averaging 10-15 depositions per year. I have testified live in many trials, averaging 2-3 trial testimonies per year, in a number of different states.

My review of a case consists of a thorough review of the pertinent case materials and making concurrent typed notes in chronology form as I review medical records and depositions. I provide my chronology and deposition notes to the attorney upon request. Many attorneys find the chronology and the deposition notes to be helpful to them as they pursue their case.