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For 36 years, I was a primary-care physician in an office and group practice in the Greater Cincinnati area where my practice consisted of adults ages 16-102. On May 1, 2017, I retired from this medical practice. My retirement was completely voluntary after 36 years of practice and was something that I had planned upon turning 65 and achieving Medicare status.

As of September 2018, I will no longer be retired. I have accepted a position as a volunteer primary-care physician with the Good Samaritan Lawrence Street Free Clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio. I start work in September. The clinic is a charitable organization which provides free medical care to the adult “working poor” population in one of Cincinnati’s inner-city neighborhoods. I’ll be seeing adult primary-care patients and providing their primary medical care just as I did in my office practice for 36 years. We use EPIC medical records and the clinic runs just as does a typical for-profit primary-care office. We schedule appointments and I will have my own regular primary-care patients. I anticipate working 15-20 hours per week in direct patient care.

Although I previously retired, I maintained my Ohio medical license and my continuing medical education without interruption. I am also board-certified for life in Internal Medicine.


I did my internal medicine training at Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, from 1978-1981. Christ Hospital has frequently been named as one of America's 100 Best Hospitals. While a resident at Christ Hospital, I had extensive in-hospital training, including being the resident-in-charge of the Intensive Care Unit for 4 months during my third year of residency. After completing my residency, I had 20 years of additional experience in treating my own hospitalized patients and in supervising the medical residents in the Christ Hospital residency program, from 1981 to 2001. At that point my group went to the use of hospitalists and I have not done in-hospital care since 2001. I do, however, have an excellent understanding of in-hospital medical care.


I have attended patients regularly in nursing facilities, skilled, rehab and others, for 36 years. I have not been a facility director but I am familiar with the medical workings of such facilities.


I was an attending physician and I supervised and taught internal medicine residents at Christ Hospital from 1981 - 2001. I was a volunteer preceptor for the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine from 2007-2017, during which time I taught first-year and second-year medical students in a clinical skills course.


I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I've done all of my education and medical training and practice in the Greater Cincinnati area. I currently live in the Northern Kentucky area of Greater Cincinnati. I am married and have three adult children and three grandchildren. I am currently a volunteer certified laser tech and co-medical director in a non-profit organization, Tattoo Removal Ink, which removes at no charge unwanted tattoos from formerly-incarcerated men and women, and from women who were victims of human-trafficking. I am also a devoted dog- and cat-rescuer and have a nice collection of four-leggers who live with us in the Northern Kentucky country.

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